Why do I need you? 

​It's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by disorganization. Sometimes a project is not a one-person job. Sometimes there are just too many projects. Often, knowing where to start and how to make it stick are issues.

People hire personal fitness trainers, life coaches, image consultants, and web designers to help them achieve what they set out to accomplish.

​Working with a professional organizer is similar. 

Some people prefer to first work with a friend or family member first. In some cases, this might be an excellent fit. Benefits may include keeping you on task, achieving your goals more quickly, and the synergy of working with a support person. The down-side of working with friends and/or family members is that they may not be able to be objective and they may not be able to devote the time and energy needed. 

Look for a professional who listens to you, has the expertise and skills and whose personality is a good fit for you.

We are skilled and objective. We offer you the support you need with no relationship history to interfere. We will work by your side and give you the help and support that you need. We are encouraging, supportive and non-judgmental. We are respectful of your feelings and work at your speed.