Why bother, when it's impossible to stay organized? 

It is possible to stay organized! We understand that you are facing more and more demands with less free time. This is a recipe for clutter and chaos. 

We help you implement systems that are built for the way you think and live. The systems we develop can continue to adapt as your life changes!

All organizing projects require decision-making, whether the project consists of setting up a new office, working through piles of paper, excavating a kitchen counter, or clearing clutter. We help you make the necessary decisions by asking questions, offering advice, and providing hands-on help. We work in your home or office, in a partnership with you.  

Once your system is in place, the challenge is to use it daily and improve upon it.  After you learn the systems and have the necessary tools, being organized is much easier.  However, sometimes life throws you a curve. We are also available to provide you with on-going support on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, or whatever is best for you, if you so desire.  

Getting organized and staying organized is a journey, rather than a quick-fix.  We are here to support you along the way!