"Why do we even have  that lever?"  

~ Yzma, The Emperors New Grove


Sooner or later, almost everyone deals with clutter.

For some, clutter takes the form of magazines, newspapers and
books that we’d like to read, but never seem to get around to.
For others, it may be a garage or other area we put things in
“for now”, to find a home for them “soon”.

Accumulating things happens unconsciously today, and things
become a challenge when we don’t have time to enjoy them
​ — or care for them, store them, and catalog them.

Small problems become large problems over time, and if left unchecked can be overwhelming!

The problem is that many don’t realize the cost of clutter.

Not only is  prime real estate used to house the clutter, but often storage is a monthly bill!
Yet, the biggest cost can be the emotional damage clutter inflicts on family members.

We work with you in a non-judgmental manner, helping you decide which items mean the most to you and which items are squeezing the physical – and emotional life out of you.

Breathe easier and relax in your new surroundings after we help you de-clutter!